From federal policies from Bill C-11 to munical by-laws like the ever increasing amount of “speed cameras” mounted around our local cities and neighborhoods. Our freedoms as Canadians are slowly being being stripped away and I don’t remember voting for any of this! Even as a fully grown adult, my right to smoke a menthol cigarette has somehow been taken away from me while ironically enough I can walk into any of the thousands of vape shops and buy a tutti frutti flavoured vapor hit at a moments notice!? And is if that wasn’t bad enough, now their banninng energy drinks with over 180mg of caffiene in them. What in the actual fuck Canada, who do you think you are telling me i can’t drink the equililant of a couple cups of coffee. It’s time to stand up and take a stand agaisnt the tryanny that our government has become.

When I was a teenager I alwasy had this vision for a better future, a future where everybody acutally has a say in how government ran our lives. A vision of grandious democracy of the truest kind. Where every vote counts, and every person counted. We now have the technology to make this happen, so why don’t we? Why are we relying on antiquating systems of governance where we elect the few and mainly incompetent to rule the many? Get those fucking dinosaurs out of there! And enter a new age; an age where you can come home from a day’s work and direct your own tax dollars, vote on local laws & bylaws, have a say and know it’s going to count. All from your electonic home voting sytem.

Home Installed Biometrically Secured Voting Intranet Nodes would be your interface directly to legislative changes at the municple, provencial, and federal level. Where ammendments to or new bills proposed would promply await in your inbox along with the appropriate synopse so that you can make the most informed voting decision. Adding the honus and honor of accountability onto each citizen while prompting new levels of cohesion and patriotism never reached before. Want to see that new park constructed? Vote on it! Want to gain your freedom back? Vote on it! Want to see our federal budgets kept here and not given to other countries? Vote on it! You finally have the power to have a direct say in all these polocies & more.

It wouldn’t be easy to implement, but it would be definetly be worth it in the end. Thousands and thousands of domestic jobs would be created to design, develop, and maintain the system. Luckily though, with the help of our very lovely friends Psilocybe Micro & Doses we were able to whip up a business plan for this beast in no time. Encompassing all aspects of the project and laying it out in language that even my seventh grade nephew could understand. How about you Mr. Trudeau, can you?

Business Plan: Home Installed Biometrically Secured Voting Intranet Nodes

1. Executive Summary: Introduce the concept of a revolutionary democratic system where citizens actively participate in decision-making through a secure, biometrically authenticated intranet voting system.

2. Business Description:

  • Name: DirectDemocracyTech
  • Vision: To empower citizens with a direct say in legislative decisions at the municipal, state/provincial, and federal levels.
  • Mission: Replace traditional political systems with secure, home-installed biometric voting intranet nodes.

3. Market Analysis:

  • Identify the growing demand for more direct citizen involvement in governance.
  • Address issuance of bills and legislature in opposition of public best interest
  • Explore regions with a history of civic engagement for initial implementation.

4. Product/Service:

  • World’s first truly decentralized democratic voting system, ‘have your say’.

5. Revenue Model:

  • Federally funded

6. Marketing:

  • Collaborate with grassroots movements advocating for increased citizen participation.
  • Utilize digital marketing and social media to create awareness.

7. Operations:

  • Establish data centers for secure storage and processing of voting data.
  • Develop a dedicated customer support team for user assistance.
  • Design type 2+ encrypted intranet communications network.
  • Develop biometrically secured, user-friendly endpoint nodes.
  • Design & develop Software interface  
  • Prioritize security measures, community committees to ensure transparency.

8. Legal and Regulatory Compliance:

  • Collaborate with legal experts to navigate complex electoral and privacy regulations.
  • Ensure compliance with data protection laws and cybersecurity standards.

9. Financial Projections:

  • Estimate initial development costs, marketing expenses, and projected revenues.
  • Create a realistic timeline for achieving profitability.

10. Risks and Mitigation Strategies:

  • Address potential security vulnerabilities through regular audits.
  • Establish contingency plans for technical failures or legal challenges.

11. Social Impact:

  • Emphasize the positive impact on democratic principles and citizen engagement.
  • Collaborate with civic organizations to promote transparency and accountability.

12. Milestones:

  • Outline key milestones, such as prototype development, pilot programs, and full-scale implementation.

13. Team:

  • Assemble a diverse team with expertise in software development, cybersecurity, and legal affairs.
  • Highlight key team members’ qualifications and experience.

14. Funding Requirements:

  • Specify the funding needed for development, marketing, and initial operations.
  • Explore options such as venture capital, grants, or crowdfunding.

15. Conclusion: Summarize the potential impact of the home-installed biometric voting intranet in fostering a truly democratic society.

This business plan aims to revolutionize governance by providing citizens with a direct voice in decision-making, ultimately fostering a more inclusive and accountable democratic system.